The rebirth of CureThis.

CureThis was first launched in 2007, among a core group of dreamers, as a virtual space for healthcare workers, healers, activists, patients, advocates, and others to connect, network and inspire each other. The site existed from 2007-2013 ( and had over 400 members.


We are now reviving and reimagining CureThis as a digital platform and network. During this intense COVID pandemic, it feels more important than ever.


We are eager to revive CureThis. If you’re interested in writing or just being notified of updates on the release of the website, please fill out this form below.


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The CureThis team  (curethisconnect [at] gmail [dot] com)




Last year, we asked several early members of the original CureThis website what it meant to them (more than a decade ago). These were some of their responses:

“CureThis was the first virtual platform I interacted with that looked at health care through an explicitly political lens, and featured the voices of people who were experts on their own care, and had visions for how to change the delivery of care services.”

“Cure this was very exciting to me. It represented the possibility of a different conversation about health. A proactive activist approach to health as a collective right. I felt that it was accessible to me as a person outside of medical fields to participate in. Part of that had to do with the simplicity of the title and the generosity of the invitation to participate.”

“I appreciated the ways CureThis brought together a fresh group of people, who would probably not otherwise have been connected, to write about such a range of issues! The fact that it wasn’t overly formal or professionalized, that it was accessible to all kinds of folks, gave it a compelling synergy. It was easy to post and read about a good range of topics.”

“CureThis was a place I could trust. It shared information from a BIPOC, social justice lens that centered folx at the margins, didn’t talk down to us, and was open to feedback and dialogue. I needed this space, I haven’t found one, since.”

“It was a place to talk about a vision for what we wanted to see in healthcare and in health overall. It was an open forum for personal stories, and a way to engage or hash out ideas or perspectives… I remember more reading the stories of others, and mostly it felt relatable and more personal than other things around at the time.”





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